Covid-19 / Coronavirus Precautions

Dr. Nancy Dyer has taken the following precautions to ensure your
safety during this crisis.

1)    We thoroughly disinfect the testing room (all furniture) and all
testing equipment (including books, clipboard, stopwatch, and all
pencils) with hospital grade disinfectant before and immediately
after each session.

2)    All staff will be wearing a mask and protective disposable
gloves that are changed between patients. We also have a
Plexiglas screen mounted on the table between the evaluator and
test patients.

3)    We provide hand sanitizer that I have all patients along with
staff (before putting on gloves) apply when they enter and exit the
testing room.

4)    We will be using tongs (disinfected between sessions) to pick
up candy from the box where candy is kept to reward kids after each
test (kids can point to the candy they want and we will extract it with
sanitized tongs + drop it into a bag).

5)    We have a HEPA filtered air purifier with UV disinfecting that will
be on the testing table throughout the testing session.

6)    In person appointments are limited to testing only.  All intakes
and conferences are provided by phone or via online video chat.

Despite all of these precautions, we cannot always keep the  
CDC recommended 6 ft. of distance between the testing subject
and Dr. Dyer.  For this reason, if you would like to postpone your
appointment we can do so without charge.  
Nancy Dyer, Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

Appointments:  (303) 430-4010

Messages:        (303) 333-3001
All testing is conducted behind a
Plexiglas shield for your protection