Why is Psycho-educational Testing Necessary?

Testing provides a thorough understanding of the reasons
behind your struggles in life.  Numerous adults who are  
smart still  have trouble in school or at work due to
underlying learning differences, attention problems
(ADHD/ADD) or both. Neither of these conditions are
related to  intelligence but they often make bright adults feel
stupid or inferior because they  hinder performance in many
areas of life.
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ADD (Attention-deficit disorder) and ADHD (Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder) have received considerable
attention in the media. Historically, ADD/ADHD were considered to be primarily childhood conditions. However,
recent data suggest that symptoms of ADD/ADHD continue into adulthood in up to 50 percent of persons with
childhood ADD/ADHD.  

Many people who think they have ADD/ADHD are influenced by the popular press. Studies of self-referral
suggest that only one third to one half of adults who believe they have ADD/ADHD actually meet formal
diagnostic criteria. While family physicians are knowledgeable about childhood ADD/ADHD, there is a noticeable
absence of guidelines for primary care evaluation and treatment of adults with symptoms of the disorder.  
Diagnostic testing by a clinical psychologist is the best way to establish if an adult has ADD or ADHD.

Another area of concern for many adults is Dyslexia.  It is estimated that about 15% of the population have
significant dyslexic difficulties, and many adults are not in fact aware of the nature of their problems.  Many
people think of dyslexia as  a reading problem and since many adult dyslexics have  acquired some reading
competence over the years, it may not occur to them that they are dyslexic. All too often they regard themselves
as simply being 'dumb'.  Identifying the underlying cause is the first step toward improving things.   

Diagnostic testing for learning differences and ADHD is available through Dr. Nancy Dyer.  Testing is
completely confidential and shared only with others at the patient's request.  Testing is covered by many
insurance plans (check with your health insurance carrier).
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