Why is Psycho-educational Testing Necessary?

Testing provides a thorough understanding of the reasons
behind your child’s struggles in school.  Numerous children
who are  smart still  have trouble in school due to underlying
learning differences, attention problems (ADHD/ADD) or
both. Neither of these conditions are related to  intelligence
but they often make bright children and adolescents feel
stupid or inferior because they  hinder performance in many
areas of school.
Child and Adolescent Services
Research has shown that as many as 30% of children with attentional problems also have learning differences.  
Treatment with medication can improve their attention but may not completely address underlying learning
issues.  Children with unrecognized learning differences (such as dyslexia) can also act like they have
ADHD/ADD in the classroom, but really do not.  Often, these children express their feelings of frustration or
anxiety about schoolwork by bothering others, fidgeting, acting “silly”, gazing at the walls, or leaving
assignments unfinished.  Treatment for ADHD/ADD would not be effective in these cases.

If you think that your child may have a learning difference, an attentional problem, or both,  psycho-educational
testing can provide information you and your child’s school need to make your child’s educational experience
more productive and positive.  Using a well researched set of tests (many of which are not used in most in-
school testing) , your child’s learning potential, information processing abilities, attentional capacity, and current
level of academic achievement will all be determined.  You will also be given specific recommendations to help
your child achieve to his or her true potential and to reduce the stress of schoolwork.

Diagnostic testing for learning differences and ADHD is available through Dr. Nancy Dyer.  Testing is
completely confidential and shared only with others at the parents’ request.  Testing is available for children ages
6 through 12 and adolescents ages 13 through 21.  Testing is covered by many insurance plans (check with
your health insurance carrier).
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